The Guy managed to light a fire in the woods! At a camp ground. Using a match, or maybe three. And white gas, plenty of that. But: he still has as much hair as he did when he started. No singed eyebrows, no arm-hair ash, no hospital trips or burns. Not even a splinter from the match! Little Turtle was very impressed (from a very safe distance).

(The Girl tried and failed to get the stove started, and The Guy remained way better at it than she was for the entirety of the camping trip. She knows she just doesn’t have the patience for it!)

At Three Creeks Lake, Sisters, Oregon.

The Girl’s visit with her father concluded, The Girl’s mother visits for Independence Day. It was so nice of The Mom to take Little Turtle (and, of course, The Girl) out to lunch at Jake’s Famous Crawfish! The Girl had a delicious seafood fettucini and The Mom had crab and shrimp cakes, and they were both to die for. Plus one of the servers, wearing the most patriotic waistcoat LT has ever seen, noticed and asked about Little Turtle! He felt so special.