In the absence of anything else to stand on, Little Turtle perches on a friend’s head in front of Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon. (It is a beautiful, magical palace of literature.)

Within five minutes of taking this photograph, Little Turtle:

  • wandered through Buffalo Exchange and had a hard time convincing The Girl not to get a shirt dress (she listened in the end)
  • was shocked that a random guy on the other side of the street crossed the street and started following The Girl with the opening pick-up line, “I like your purple. Can I have your phone number? I’ll buy you a cell phone!” He did not follow for longer than half a block
  • saw a fire truck respond to and put out a fire in a trash can, probably caused by someone dropping a lit cigarette into newspaper that really should have been recycled (and it’s not like there’s no paper recycling on the streets of Portland)

What can we expect from Little Turtle in the future? Quite an adventurous and brave wee soul, it would appear.

Indeed he is. Can you believe he almost fell off the top of Clifford’s Tower in York because, even though it was so windy, he wanted his picture taken all by himself? Fortunately, we were able to call a friend in to steady and stand by him. What a good friend! After England, he’ll be heading home to the States; after that, who knows?