The Girl arrived at the airport 45 minutes before the bag check counter opens. Oops! She didn’t need to wake her roommate as early as she did – sorry, Roomie! Oh well, she’ll have a lemon-and-cheese croissant and some apple juice while she waits. The Girl has discovered that strangers are less likely to talk to her during her travels if she reads about infectious diseases and therefore may respond to said strangers with information about, for example, cholera.

The Girl and The Guy took Little Turtle to Opal Creek! It was really fun, even if they were a little nervous about being able to find the place (since The Girl had only been there once or twice before and she has a terrible sense of direction). The cabins were great; it was even fun losing power because of low water flow a couple of times, and The Girl got to show off her amazing wood stove skills. Highly recommended if you have a pan with a nice thick bottom you can bring – the stove was gas-powered and everything they tried to cook on it burnt horribly.

Little Turtle is giving his best judgmental look to all those people who shot at the “No Shooting” sign. Later he even found two boxes of empty shell casings, plus their boxes, just left all over the side of the road! Unbelievable. Some people are so inconsiderate and selfish that they can’t even be bothered to pick up the garbage they’ve scattered all over a once-near-pristine natural area!