Ah, much better – a nice, normal, friendly wooden sign. No devil’s work, no bad History Channel reenactments. Phew! At Mount Defiance Trail in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. Little Turtle would like to think the mountain was named in defiance of starvation.

(dramatic voice)

Starvation Creek State Park is a state park located west of Hood River, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. It was named Starvation Creek because a train was stopped there by snow drifts and passengers had to dig the train out.

…No one actually starved there.

{from the Wikipedia page on Starvation Creek State Park.}

Little Turtle is pretty sure this is the beginning of either a deliciously awful Syfy Channel original movie or a just-plain-awful History Channel special. Doesn’t it just look ominous? What kind of devil’s work is this? The sky is red! Little Turtle would like to leave now, please.