my mind to your mind – my thoughts to your thoughts

Little Turtle was incredibly honored to take part in a Vulcan mind-meld with Spock at Trek in the Park! He’s definitely going to “Five Year Mission,” the collection of pieces from Trek in the Park held by Sequential Art Gallery

Little Turtle is busy having a lofty conversation with Spock about highly intelligent and logical things – he understands if you’re impressed. Looks like Spock’s learning some new things!

This photo is from the second-to-last showing of Trek in the Park’s “Trouble with Tribbles.” Unfortunately this will end their five-year mission, but they sure went out with a bang. It was absolute unforgettable!

Little Turtle can’t believe that Klingon said the Enterprise should be hauled away – as garbage! Such disrespect for the flagship of the federation!

LT and The Girl had a blast at Trek in the Park, and they both wish they’d gone sooner. Unfortunately, this show concludes their 5-year mission; Sunday, 25th August 2013 is their last show. If you can get to Cathedral Park (probably no later than noon; it’s bound to be packed), LT highly recommends it! This summer is “The Trouble with Tribbles,” which is The Girl’s favorite episode partially because it contains her favorite one-shot character, Cyrano Jones (even if Spacematic is a silly name for a ship, and yes, he does also show up in the animated series).

(The Girl had a hard time watching the animated series.)