After walking all the way from San Ġiljan to Sliema, The Guy, The Girl, and Little Turtle take the ferry from Sliema to Valletta. There was a gorgeous view and The Girl was grateful for The Guy’s insistence that she buy some proper sunglasses. Can you believe that she forgot to pack sunglasses?

Little Turtle isn’t sure whether this qualifies as a Spot the Turtle game or not. There seems to be a tradition in Malta of putting padlocks with names on them on bridges – some of them were quite fancy, with engravings and everything! When the sun goes down, this particular bridge gets LOVE spelled out on it in shadow from the bay side; when the sun comes up, this bridge has LOVE spelled out in shadow from a similar statue immediately behind The Girl as she was taking the photo.

The Girl and The Guy passed over this bridge many times on the path between San Ġiljan and Sliema.

It’s Little Turtle’s favorite game~ you know the drill, try to spot the turtle! He was super impressed by the many artistic doors and door accessories in Malta, for example the strangely beautiful and traditional fish-dolphin-gargoyle twin doorknockers, or the scrolling iron grills over the doors. The Girl got a little obsessed with doors while in Malta; this particular one is in a back street in Sliema, Malta, discovered while definitely exploring, not lost.

LT couldn’t help but wonder how old this wall is and what kind of person spray-paints “PSYCHO” on stone that old. A few weeks after seeing this, The Girl told him about the recent destruction of a famous 200-million-year-old rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, an action which neither he, The Girl, or The Guy can comprehend. Little Turtle doesn’t want to turn this space into a political one or a social commentary; so he will say that whenever he goes traveling, The Girl’s rule of thumb is anything she can touch, he can touch, and they stay carefully back from anything in need of protection.

Little Turtle wonders how old this decorative limestone next to Saint Julian’s Tower could be. Though this was in Sliema, he saw similarly worn bits of stonework all over the island, and overheard The Guy telling The Girl something about how acid rain was a problem at some point.

The day after the Squid Ink Pasta Fiasco, The Girl and The Guy walked from San Ġiljan to Sliema (pronounced “Seh-LEE-muh”). These gardens offered some much-appreciated shade, quite a nice view of the Mediterranean, a quieter stroll than the sidewalk next to the street, a shelter for the many stray cats, and, apparently, wifi. Little Turtle was most impressed.