Just a quick scramble underneath the bridge, and Little Turtle gets to take a break next to this lovely clear pool. The Girl didn’t even have to hopscotch out into the river to take this photo, which is the last in this series from the Santiam River in Oregon. Thanks for visiting!

This bridge isn’t even all that high, thank goodness. Little Turtle may have been on many high bridges, but he’s still not used to anything higher than his perch on The Girl’s alarm clock. But it’s a very nice view of the north fork of the Santiam River, at least, and The Girl’s father is in this photo. Hi, papa!

Of course, The Girl had to climb into what must have been the hearth of the boiler. Of course. It was dark, and rusty, and very scary. Naturally she had to do it. At this point, Little Turtle almost doesn’t even care. This boiler next to the hiking trail along the Santiam River’s north fork barely phases him. Yay, Little Turtle!