Little Turtle takes a break from the strain of being carried around on hikes at Annie Springs in Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. Poor dear is just being totally ignored by all the mosquitoes and biting flies! The Girl took some photos with her waterproof camera here, but sadly, Little Turtle is not in them.

Just a teaser! Still at the pumice desert, this time posing with Korben Dallas, The Girl’s trusty steel steed. He has a pirate flag because one side mirror is green instead of black and on the same side the head light is tinged yellow. More fun photos start tomorrow.

Since camping at Tumalo turned out to be a bust, The Girl called the local ranger station and spoke to a very nice ranger who suggested the Three Creeks Lake area. It was gorgeous! Plus, How to Train Your Dragon-shaped macaroni and cheese for dinner, on The Girl’s father’s old camp stove. The pan was a little too small to boil all the pasta so The Girl did it in stages. The Girl and The Guy both agreed to stay an extra night at Three Creeks Lake because it was so beautiful; plus, there was easily enough tree debris to build multiple campfires, and The Guy got to roast his first marshmallow. He loved it.

The Guy managed to light a fire in the woods! At a camp ground. Using a match, or maybe three. And white gas, plenty of that. But: he still has as much hair as he did when he started. No singed eyebrows, no arm-hair ash, no hospital trips or burns. Not even a splinter from the match! Little Turtle was very impressed (from a very safe distance).

(The Girl tried and failed to get the stove started, and The Guy remained way better at it than she was for the entirety of the camping trip. She knows she just doesn’t have the patience for it!)

At Three Creeks Lake, Sisters, Oregon.

The Girl and The Guy were trying to get to Tumalo State Park to go camping but a) they got lost on the way there and b) the campground was full. Oops! They did manage to find this interesting piece of geology, though, and while the vertical sheering is clearly artificial, the distinct horizontal stripe is very striking!

Just a quick scramble underneath the bridge, and Little Turtle gets to take a break next to this lovely clear pool. The Girl didn’t even have to hopscotch out into the river to take this photo, which is the last in this series from the Santiam River in Oregon. Thanks for visiting!

This bridge isn’t even all that high, thank goodness. Little Turtle may have been on many high bridges, but he’s still not used to anything higher than his perch on The Girl’s alarm clock. But it’s a very nice view of the north fork of the Santiam River, at least, and The Girl’s father is in this photo. Hi, papa!