Little Turtle makes a friend! This is Trick, the camera-shy goat. His person is training him to be useful! Little Turtle can’t help but notice how stylish those packs are. Maybe The Girl will make him some packs of his own – or, better yet, get him a goat friend to carry stylish packs, and also for Little Turtle to ride around on. Hmmm…

(The Girl’s note: no, LT, we are not getting a goat. Also, if you are Trick’s person, send me a message – click the Ask button – and I can link this post to your blog if you have one, or a web page.)

Little Turtle was so helpful putting this tent up! Seriously, like, the most helpful. It’s a good thing he was along to help his friend! And what a lovely view, now that that back-breaking labor is all done. Phew.

(Little Turtle has, of course, never seen a tent before in his life.)

Little Turtle is shocked to discover this cold, white “snow” stuff. He’d heard about it before, of course, but he’d never seen it before because the alarm clock doesn’t have the best view out the window. Little Turtle is still making his mind up whether or not he liked it.