Little Turtle learns about the various seasonal activities from once upon a time from this huge painting at Lewes Castle. He’s not sure what all of them are, though. January: stay inside under the blankets where it’s warm. February: sit in front of the fire. April: admire the pretty flowers. September: reenact parts of The Hobbit. October: drop stuff. November: hope the dropping-stuff guy doesn’t start an awkward conversation.

Little Turtle perches on the Russian cannon in Lewes Castle that was brought in as a decoration and apparently hasn’t ever been fired. The rain made it very dramatic, and had the added bonus of sending all the other castle visitors inside, so The Guy, The Girl, and Little Turtle had most of the grounds all to themselves.

The answer to yesterday’s guessing game – Little Turtle is at Lewes Castle in Lewes, Sussex County, England. Did you guess correctly? Little Turtle will be very impressed if you did. (It’s okay to say you guessed correctly, even if you didn’t. LT will praise you just the same. Well, maybe he will be a little less impressed.)

Hey, The Girl! Pay attention, or you won’t get the important part into focus! Sigh… This curly iron gate and mysterious battle angel statue were found in Lewes, England. Also in Lewes: a few adorable secondhand shops, one of which had a 1930s-1940s edition of Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book. This was, mystifyingly, very exciting to The Girl, who kept yammering on about how she’s been looking for a copy of Mrs Beeton’s recipes without the household management sections. Evidently is has been very difficult to find.