When Little Turtle asked what the thing was, that didn’t mean he needed to be put on it! Oh, The Girl. We need to work on .. something. Well, at least now he knows what a lathe looks like, and The Girl’s uncle was kind enough to show her basically how it works. What an educational stop on the way back from the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts!

Little Turtle thinks this business card holder is exactly the right size for a chair. Thanks to Johnny Camp from Opal Art Glass for letting The Girl take so many photos in his booth even though he was really busy! Little Turtle felt very welcome because Johnny Camp was so friendly.

Little Turtle hides somewhat ineffectually from this huge fuzzy cotton worm at Bryant Woods Nature Park in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

(It’s not really a worm, it’s just a string of cottony stuff that looks like a worm. Can you identify it? Tell The Girl!)