Near wrynose pass

The Girl is interrupting her scheduled programming to bring you a photo of a sweet dog named Ruby and her gentle sister Molly. Their people were kind enough to let the strange girl with the accent pet their dogs while The Guy was taking photos of Wrynose Pass – and as it turned out, The Guy was waiting for the dogs to leave so he could take the shot!

The Girl saved this photo specially so she could post it on her birthday because dogs are great. The Girl has now leveled up to 27!

20160321_152533 - Copy

The Guy’s car lost power and stalled out when the alternator gave up the ghost on the way back to Lowthwaite! While he was settling the bill with the mechanic (or “garage” in England), The Girl had nothing better to do than take a photo of all their stuff spread out on a cafe table under the threat of rain. It was briefly very stressful, but many kindnesses made it easier:

  • The rescue tow-truck driver carried a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment, which he said cost UK£10,000 or US$14,600, and which confirmed The Girl’s suspicion that the alternator was the problem.
  • The rescue driver was on his 13th or 14th solid hour on shift by the time he dropped The Guy and The Girl off at a garage in Keswick, but he never got snappy or cranky (which The Girl definitely would have, so major kudos to him!).
  • A nice elderly mechanic about to retire from his years at the garage happened to be still at the shop after hours, around 8:45 pm. He was able to order an alternator to arrive the next day and gave The Girl and The Guy a ride into downtown Keswick with all their camera gear so they could try to get something to eat and a cab back to Lowthwaite B&B.
  • A restaurant closing at 10pm was still willing to seat The Guy and The Girl when they arrived at 9pm, though it would have been well within their rights to refuse so they could close on time.
  • When The Guy and The Girl arrived back at Lowthwaite and explained they may be stranded and have to stay an extra night beyond what they’d booked (they were supposed to check out in the morning), Jim offered to rearrange his personal trip for family business rather than closing as planned.
  • Tine and Jim let The Guy use their home phone so he could get a better signal and call the garage to see if the car was ready, then book a cab.
  • When Tine and Jim found out The Guy was going to be driving for six hours, and a cab wouldn’t be available for another hour, and then it would be a half hour drive into town, they offered a ride into town. Without that ride into town, The Guy and The Girl would have arrived at Granddad’s house well past midnight. Instead, it was only 11!

The whole ordeal would have been so much more stressful if not for every one of these people, and The Girl would like to thank them all!


Muncaster is a proper castle! Every afternoon at 4 they put out food for some wild cranes, which have the schedule pretty much down pat! The sun was starting to go down – time to head back to the B&B about 50 miles away near Penrith.


Check out the drystone walls running up along the hills! These hills made it feel like the valley The Girl grew up in — though, of course, that valley doesn’t have such abundant sheep farms or 400-year-old stone walls.