Little Turtle managed to finish off all the extra custard on The Girl’s cake before anybody else noticed. How could he have possibly eaten that fast? He inhaled it like a vacuum! The Guy barely escaped with his fingers intact!

20160325_160339 - Copy

The Guy took The Girl to the Fir Tree House Tearooms when they got back from Granddad’s. While she’s distracted with a rare photo of both herself and The Guy, Little Turtle will just sneak a tiny nibble of her cucumber sandwich. A few crumbs and a bit of cucumber will be more than enough to satisfy him!

Today is also The Guy’s birthday! Happy birthday, The Guy! You are loved!

A rare photo of The Girl, courtesy of The Guy! The Guy’s family politely didn’t question Little Turtle’s presence at their Christmas dinner. (More likely they didn’t notice.) The Girl had turkey and The Guy ordered duck. The duck was much nicer than the turkey, but The Guy still graciously shared it in exchange for the ham that came with The Girl’s turkey. The Guy’s family was very patient with The Girl as she got mixed up about which hand was supposed to hold whose Christmas cracker – apparently you don’t just open your own – and she got the traditional paper crown, a bad joke to tell, and a tiny orange plastic comb.

The Guy’s mother also treated Little Turtle and The Girl to a piece of chocolate cake and some elderflower soda in the cafe at Hever Castle. It was much appreciated, especially because it was cold and rainy out, and they were both starting to feel jet-laggy. Little Turtle is doubly impressed because the piece of cake is bigger than he is; The Girl didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s usually the case.