Little Turtle could hardly believe how beautiful the glass in this windowpane was. The bars over the window are very common in Malta, presumably because window screens are not, and in the extreme heat you’d like all your windows open to catch the breeze. Many windows have more decorative bars than this one, though the curlicues are pretty cute.

Hey, The Girl! Pay attention, or you won’t get the important part into focus! Sigh… This curly iron gate and mysterious battle angel statue were found in Lewes, England. Also in Lewes: a few adorable secondhand shops, one of which had a 1930s-1940s edition of Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book. This was, mystifyingly, very exciting to The Girl, who kept yammering on about how she’s been looking for a copy of Mrs Beeton’s recipes without the household management sections. Evidently is has been very difficult to find.