The Guy and The Girl had some time to kill before their reservation at Brewery Tea Rooms (yes, two days in a row), so they returned to that photogenic wide-open field to take more photos since the weather was so nice. The Guy and The Girl spent about an hour here with their cameras (but Little Turtle wasn’t left on this bridge the whole time)!


If Little Turtle goes sneaking in from the side, The Girl won’t see him take some pasta… right? For dessert there was a Belgian chocolate cake and a crème brûlée with a mysterious flavor that made it so much lighter. The waiter at DeRoKa said the flavor was a secret and nobody could tell what it was, but The Girl immediately guessed it correctly! (And then she was insufferably pleased with herself.)


The mystery appointment was with a designer named Chloe at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewelry! The Guy proposed! And The Girl accepted, as all of her friends and coworkers knew she would. The Guy worked with Chloe for months to create a custom engagement ring for The Girl, because he is the sweetest.


(The Girl would like to clarify that these designs and any designs or jewelry shown, whether complete or in progress, belong to Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewelry and are protected under copyright.)


The Guy revealed a secret mystery appointment after lunch, but it wasn’t time yet… so they went exploring and found this lovely field. Both Little Turtle and The Girl were horrified to learn that those lacy-looking white flowers, known the US as “Queen Anne’s Lace,” are called “cow parsley” in England. Cow Parsley!