If anyone thought Little Turtle was going to Paris and not having crepes the very first morning, they clearly have not been here very long.



Aaaand we’re back! The Girl’s parents took her on a “last big family vacation before she moves to England” trip. She was very, very sick for the first bit – The Girl’s mother considered cancelling the whole thing. (She got better.) They stopped for breakfast in Keflavik International Airport at about 6 am local time.


The Guy and The Girl went to a nursery to get a plant and some nicer pots for the flat, plus tasty lunch! The Girl is so busy swooning over The Guy, maybe she won’t notice if Little Turtle steals a few morsels…


If Little Turtle goes sneaking in from the side, The Girl won’t see him take some pasta… right? For dessert there was a Belgian chocolate cake and a crème brûlée with a mysterious flavor that made it so much lighter. The waiter at DeRoKa said the flavor was a secret and nobody could tell what it was, but The Girl immediately guessed it correctly! (And then she was insufferably pleased with herself.)