Little Turtle is busy having a lofty conversation with Spock about highly intelligent and logical things – he understands if you’re impressed. Looks like Spock’s learning some new things!

This photo is from the second-to-last showing of Trek in the Park’s “Trouble with Tribbles.” Unfortunately this will end their five-year mission, but they sure went out with a bang. It was absolute unforgettable!

Little Turtle can’t believe that Klingon said the Enterprise should be hauled away – as garbage! Such disrespect for the flagship of the federation!

LT and The Girl had a blast at Trek in the Park, and they both wish they’d gone sooner. Unfortunately, this show concludes their 5-year mission; Sunday, 25th August 2013 is their last show. If you can get to Cathedral Park (probably no later than noon; it’s bound to be packed), LT highly recommends it! This summer is “The Trouble with Tribbles,” which is The Girl’s favorite episode partially because it contains her favorite one-shot character, Cyrano Jones (even if Spacematic is a silly name for a ship, and yes, he does also show up in the animated series).

(The Girl had a hard time watching the animated series.)