The Girl learned how to order croissants and grande crème in French after hearing her parents say it so much, and was very proud of herself. (“Deux croissants et deux grande crème, s’il vous plaît!”) Little Turtle is just hoping nobody mistakes him for a pastry!


The Girl’s parents had grand crème at different cafes pretty much every day in Paris (gotta soak up that warm-autumn-cafe-in-Paris vibe), but their favorites were the ones that came in these huge cups. Little Turtle could use them for bathtubs!

The Guy’s mother also treated Little Turtle and The Girl to a piece of chocolate cake and some elderflower soda in the cafe at Hever Castle. It was much appreciated, especially because it was cold and rainy out, and they were both starting to feel jet-laggy. Little Turtle is doubly impressed because the piece of cake is bigger than he is; The Girl didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s usually the case.