The Guy and The Girl had some time to kill before their reservation at Brewery Tea Rooms (yes, two days in a row), so they returned to that photogenic wide-open field to take more photos since the weather was so nice. The Guy and The Girl spent about an hour here with their cameras (but Little Turtle wasn’t left on this bridge the whole time)!

This bridge isn’t even all that high, thank goodness. Little Turtle may have been on many high bridges, but he’s still not used to anything higher than his perch on The Girl’s alarm clock. But it’s a very nice view of the north fork of the Santiam River, at least, and The Girl’s father is in this photo. Hi, papa!

Here is Little Turtle on the bridge leading into Mdina, also called the Silent City. It is one of Malta’s older cities and has a fascinating history. It’s called the Silent City because the only people allowed to have cars are residents; unfortunately, it’s such a tourist spot that it wasn’t really quiet until everyone else had gone home. Then it was dead quiet. Little Turtle felt a little spooked by the silence, and thought the huge stone buildings were closing in ominously on their narrow alleys, but The Girl loved the quiet and soaked it up like a plant in the sun.

Little Turtle isn’t sure whether this qualifies as a Spot the Turtle game or not. There seems to be a tradition in Malta of putting padlocks with names on them on bridges – some of them were quite fancy, with engravings and everything! When the sun goes down, this particular bridge gets LOVE spelled out on it in shadow from the bay side; when the sun comes up, this bridge has LOVE spelled out in shadow from a similar statue immediately behind The Girl as she was taking the photo.

The Girl and The Guy passed over this bridge many times on the path between San Ġiljan and Sliema.