This isn’t Otter Rock, but it’s the view from the Inn at Otter Crest, where The Guy and The Girl spent a grateful night with hot showers and soft beds after camping all week. (Crater Lake’s Mazama Campground had a shower, but it was rarely hot, especially after a family of ten had just used it.) They stayed up too late watching some British show on OPB, which was ironic, since The Guy can watch British shows at home all the time.

After Crater Lake, The Guy, The Girl, and Little Turtle spent five hours heading west to hit the beach. The Oregon Dunes looked neat, but in the end, they decided they’d only gone to the Dunes because they said they would. After hiking to and from the actual beach, which is further than it looks because the path was so twisty, they didn’t spend much time on the sand before returning to Scenic Highway 101 and heading north.

Little Turtle had no idea the beaches in Malta were so rocky. Apparently, the Mediterranean Sea was much saltier than The Girl expected – it seemed more salty than the Pacific Ocean back home. Little Turtle, of course, wouldn’t know – The Girl wouldn’t let him go swimming!