The Girl was very lucky with her flights this trip – three flights with an empty seat next to her, then on the last leg (Toronto to Portland) she was upgraded to first class! She didn’t have a bag space in front of her, but that meant being able to stretch her legs all the way out. Plus, better-than-average food? Definitely appreciated. Even though it was only a five-hour flight on a small plane it was still pretty great, and it almost made up for having to leave her fiance and go home.


Little Turtle gets a peek at the costume department backstage at Fright Town, a haunted house where The Girl is volunteering. Halloween isn’t entirely new for him, but he’s never been to a haunted house before! It seems fun.


The Girl and her Intrepid Roommate stopped for burgers at the Huckleberry Inn at Government Camp on their way back down the mountain. With excellent weather, gorgeous sights, serendipitous meetings, and delicious burgers, it was a very good day.


What a coincidence! Little Turtle got to meet The Girl’s grandmother Carletta, who was at Timberline with some of her motorcycle buddies! He also got to meet some of the motorcycle buddies, and had no idea The Girl’s grandmother was in a bike gang.

(The Girl’s note: Carletta is not in a bike gang. But that would be something to brag about.)


Made it to the mountain! Little Turtle was pleasantly surprised at how warm it was, even at the same altitude as patches of snow. The Girl was so careful to bring warm clothes and she didn’t even need them!


The Girl wanted to post this older photo from The Guy’s last visit to Oregon because in exactly one month they’ll be seeing each other again! The Girl will fly to England and then to Malta for The Guy’s cousin’s wedding.