Little Turtle is pleased to see how well restoration to the Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta is coming along. After bombings during the Second World War, the original Royal Opera House, completed in 1866, came crashing down. Various restoration projects were planned over the decades but went without implementation until 2008. Considering the importance of cultural and historical landmarks such as this gorgeous old theatre, Little Turtle couldn’t be happier!


Little Turtle could hardly believe how beautiful the glass in this windowpane was. The bars over the window are very common in Malta, presumably because window screens are not, and in the extreme heat you’d like all your windows open to catch the breeze. Many windows have more decorative bars than this one, though the curlicues are pretty cute.


The Girl had a really great evening at Zen, a Japanese restaurant at the Portomaso Marina in Malta! The sushi chef, Nobu-san, was extremely skilled, and was gracious enough to let The Girl practice her Japanese on him. He even used to live in Eugene, a few hours south of The Girl! The Guy seemed happy enough to listen to her chatter, and he finally got to try ootoro (fatty tuna)! All around, an excellent evening.


Little Turtle met a cat at the San Anton Gardens in Ħ’Attard, Malta. There were a lot of strays there; it seemed a couple were feeding them, and when the pair arrived with food, a little over a dozen cats started following them through the gardens!