Little Turtle and The Girl first met when she visited a reptile house around the age of eight. The Girl loved LT’s colorful shell and sly smile and brought him home with her. He spent more than ten years sitting on top of her alarm clock.

One day, The Girl’s aunt gave her a souvenir stone elephant even littler than Little Turtle. It was the tiny stone elephant’s stories of India that inspired LT to travel. The first place he went was England — and based on the phrase “across the pond,” he really thought that flight would be shorter!

The Girl posted some of Little Turtle’s photos on Facebook and her friends encouraged her to take more. With the help of The Girl and her technowizard fiance, The Guy, Little Turtle set up this blog to share stories of his travels. The true impetus for Little Turtle’s blog was The Guy’s generous purchase of a domain name, and thus — Little Turtle Travels was born.

The Girl, The Guy, and Little Turtle on the Mirror Lake hiking trail in Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest.

The Girl mostly takes Little Turtle around Oregon, but he’s been to England and even as far as Malta. He also has a hiking buddy who takes him, you guessed it, hiking, primarily in Oregon. (See the Recurring Characters page for a list of the people who take Little Turtle traveling, as well as brief bios.)

While The Girl tries her best to tag each photo with as much relevant information as possible, sometimes she is tired or her memory is not the best, and she might tag something as the wrong building, city, or landmark, or with incomplete information; in such cases, Little Turtle would appreciate it greatly if any readers who catch mistakes to shoot him a quick message with the URL of the bad post and whatever information needs correcting. She will also try to add “more info please” or “more information please” on photos she needs help with.

Thanks so much for reading, and everyone at Little Turtle Travels hopes you enjoy our adventures!

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