In the absence of anything else to stand on, Little Turtle perches on a friend’s head in front of Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon. (It is a beautiful, magical palace of literature.)

Within five minutes of taking this photograph, Little Turtle:

  • wandered through Buffalo Exchange and had a hard time convincing The Girl not to get a shirt dress (she listened in the end)
  • was shocked that a random guy on the other side of the street crossed the street and started following The Girl with the opening pick-up line, “I like your purple. Can I have your phone number? I’ll buy you a cell phone!” He did not follow for longer than half a block
  • saw a fire truck respond to and put out a fire in a trash can, probably caused by someone dropping a lit cigarette into newspaper that really should have been recycled (and it’s not like there’s no paper recycling on the streets of Portland)

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