Little Turtle appreciates some chalk art and a fine view of the Willamette (say it with him now: “wuh-LA("a” as in “cat”)-mit") River in Portland, Oregon. Also pictured: the Burnside Bridge. Unfortunately, he arrived too late in the day for the Portland Saturday Market. It was so windy that The Girl’s roommate had to help him, for fear of losing him to the river! Perhaps The Girl should make him a harness, just in case..

Within five minutes of taking this photo, Little Turtle saw:

  • a dog that looked like a wolf
  • the Salmon Street Springs (who knew that fountain had a name?)
  • some people using ropes on the end of long sticks to make huge bubbles
  • someone casually walking by with a hula hoop
  • a truly fantastic bucket drummer
  • a grown woman in head-to-ground tie-dye who did not work at the tie-dye Saturday Market booth
  • a pair of homeless men being fed by strangers and given bags containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, antiseptic, and bandaids, among other things (which explains the random toothbrush discovered earlier)

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