The Girl was very lucky with her flights this trip – three flights with an empty seat next to her, then on the last leg (Toronto to Portland) she was upgraded to first class! She didn’t have a bag space in front of her, but that meant being able to stretch her legs all the way out. Plus, better-than-average food? Definitely appreciated. Even though it was only a five-hour flight on a small plane it was still pretty great, and it almost made up for having to leave her fiance and go home.



The Guy and The Girl went to a nursery to get a plant and some nicer pots for the flat, plus tasty lunch! The Girl is so busy swooning over The Guy, maybe she won’t notice if Little Turtle steals a few morsels…


This very friendly kitty was waiting for his human to come home from school. His name is Alfie, he is deaf, and his family tolerated The Girl petting him for about ten minutes before coming out to fetch him. (The Guy was supremely patient with her.)